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Explore Romania
10 days / 9 nights
Between Mar 20 and Nov 10.
Short description:
A religious art tour to see glass icons of Romania.
You will visit glass icons collections in Fagaras - at Ethnographic Museum, in Sibiel, in Constanta - at Ethnographic Museum and in Bucharest - at Museum of Farmers.
Tour code:
The Baptism of Christ
Saint George
Black Madona

Detailed tour program

Day Location Activities Tour snap-shots
Tiganesti - Brasov * A.M.: (driving time 4h)
- drive to Tiganesti village;
- visit Tiganesti monastery - old glass icons;
- drive to Brasov city;

* P.M.:
- visit Saint Nicolae church - old glass icons at the museum of the church;
- hotel in Brasov. 3*-4*-5*hotels available.
Tiganesti Monastery
Fagaras - Sambata de Sus - Sibiu * A.M.: (driving time 1h30min)
- drive to Fagaras city;
- visit Fagaras history museum - glass icons made by famous masters: Matei Timforea, Ion Zugravu, Savu Moga;

* P.M.: (driving time 2h30min)
- drive to Sambata de Sus Monastery to see large collection of icons;
- hotel in Sibiu. 3*-4*hotels available.
Sambata-de-Sus Monastery
Sibiel - Sebes - Laz - Alba Iulia * A.M.: (driving time 1h30min)
- drive to Sibiel village to admire one of the largest collection of icons in Romania;
- visit history museum in Sebes;

* P.M.: (driving time 2h)
- drive to Laz village, visit the house of famous artisan Maria Poenaru;
- hotel in Alba Iulia. 2*-3*hotels available.
Glass Icon Collection, Sibiel
Alba Iulia - Orastie - Targu-Jiu * A.M.: (driving time 2h)
- visit ethnographic museum in Alba-Iulia;
- visit museum of history in Orastie city;

* P.M.: (driving time 3h)
- drive through Jiu Gorge - natural scenic spot;
- hotel in Targu-Jiu. 3*hotels available.
Targu-Jiu - Polovragi - Horezu - Curtea de Arges * A.M.: (driving time 1h)
- visit to Central Park of Targu-Jiu - well known statues made by famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi are exhibited;
- visit the monastery of Polovragi;

* P.M.: (driving time 2h30min)
- visit the monastery of Horezu;
- hotel in Curtea de Arges. 2*hotels available.
Brancusi Sculpture, Targu-Jiu
Curtea de Arges - Bucharest - Constanta * A.M.: (driving time 3h30min)
- visit famous monastery of Curtea de Arges - royal necropolis;
- drive to Bucharest;

* P.M.: (driving time 3h30min)
- visit Farmer's Museum - very large collection of glass icons;
- drive to Constanta city;
- hotel in Constanta. 3*-4*hotels available.
Art Museum, Bucharest
Constanta - Buchares * A.M.: (driving time 1h30min)
- visit to Popular Art Museum (50 icons are exhibited);
- visit to Saint Andrew's cave, a place where legend says the apostle lived;

* P.M.: (driving time 3h30min)
- drive to Bucharest;
- hotel in Bucharest. 3*-4*-5*hotels available.
Popular Art Museum, Constanta
Bucharest * A.M.:
- Bucharest sightseeing, museums, shopping;

* P.M.:
- city tour, museums;
- folk show or opera show available;
- hotel in Bucharest. 3*-4*-5*hotels available.
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Photo gallery

A Smile
Horezu Ceramic
Madona and Jesus
Ateneu, Bucharest
Religious Ceremony
At the Market