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Marius Petre

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My mission: to unveil Romania for humanity.

Welcome, welcome !
Your private and personalized sightseeing tour to suit your tempo and interests, according to your requirements is here:

  • You will travel in style and comfort with the specialist;
  • You can ask me all the questions you like. I have all the answers you need;
  • You will travel with me in a private car and enjoy the complete freedom to explore Romania at your pace with an itinerary selected by you;
  • You will enjoy the ideal combination of an experienced and entertaining professional tourguide and a comfortable air conditioned car, from a few hours tour in Bucharest to a tour around Romania;
  • The tours are suitable for any age, for young generation, for adults and for seniors;
  • I have been an active official tourguide since 1981. As a licensed professional tourguide I give comprehensive guiding and lecture services;
  • I have many years experience of guiding in Bucharest, all over Romania and neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary. I have lots of references.
  • And with the contacts and experience built over these years, I am able to help you in your travel plans and your Romanian itineraries, as a Romania travel specialist;
  • In association with local tourism company, I am able to assist you in making additional arrangements like hotel and local flight reservations. I may suggest to you hotels, restaurants or itineraries;
  • I am at your disposal for creating a wonderful and memorable vacation for you.
  • I understand the needs of business travelers and may help them with their arrangements and ensure that everything runs smoothly. And with my mobile phone you are always in touch with family and friends.
  • Living in England, Thailand, Japan and Bulgaria have enriched me with a deep and wide comprehension of life and history of the world.
  • I look forward to being your private guide and to sharing with you my favourite places in Bucharest, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Hungary.

Kind regards,
Marius PETRE

Personalized tour

All year round.
0 day / 0 nigh
A personalized sightseeing tour to suit your tempo and interests.

Castle of Dracula

All year round.
1 day / 0 nigh
A trip in time, to Dracula`s Castle, in the village of Bran . You will see the place where Vlad Tepes Dracula has lived in 15c. Many souvenirs ab [...]

Danube Delta

Between Mar10 to Nov30.
2 days / 1 nigh
A short tour to explore the natural beauty of Delta Danube (UNESCO site). You will meet The Lipoveni, inhabitants of the Delta Danube.

Veliko Tarnovo

All year round.
2 days / 1 nigh
A short trip to the ancient city of Veliko Tarnovo, the primary fortress of The Second Bulgarian Kingdom, a popular tourists attraction; The Sou [...]